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Megan Ames  
Yakima, WA
Thursday, April 4, 2013 16:35 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

[Feb 27, 2013 Midnight mommy moment]-Lorri asked me to share my birth story. I thought about what I should say. Should I describe all the details and attempt to pull all memories back together? All I know is that even though it did not happen as I thought it would have, I feel like the strongest woman in the world and that feeling is amazing. Family/friends that know some of the story have asked: Would you do it again???? I sigh a little knowing how long 36 hrs of labor is, what it's like to push for what feels like forever and still just barely feel her head, to feel like my back just couldn't handle anymore, and to be so physically exhausted. The answer is YES I would do it again at home without medication and accepting of whatever that looked like. Bet your bottom dollar a daily prayer will be for a much quicker labor process haha. God knew what he was doing during those 36hrs and he showed me that he blessed me with a rock of a husband, a friend that would do absolutely anything to walk by my side, a mom that believes in me whole heartily, and midwives that cherish birth too much to intervene unless needed.
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