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Fees and Payment

Service Package:

Highland Midwife Birth Services charges a Service Package fee of $4750 for complete routine midwifery care during pregnancy and birth. The midwifery care provided under the Service Package meets or exceeds the standards for routine obstetrical care, which costs thousands of dollars more. Further, it includes many services which are not normally offered with ob care. For details please see my Financial Agreement.

    2011 Average Costs of Births in the U.S.*
        Cesarean birth: $24,300
        Vaginal birth: $15,200
    Compare to:
        Home birth: $4,750 with me, which includes your prenatal, gyn, and newborn care.

            *Source: International Federation of Health Plans


Lorri and Rebekah are both Washington medicaid providers, which means that all ProviderOne and Apple Health policies should cover our services. Rebekah is contracted as a preferred in-network provider with most other insurance carriers as well. If you have maternity care coverage in your policy, it should cover us without any problems.

No provider, including me, can be responsible for what your insurance coverage will or will not pay! Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and denying claims. To better help you determine in advance how much (or how little) your insurance is going to pay for you, I have created a free questionnaire form to help you determine the benefits that you can expect from your policy.

The chronic slow payments from claims and onerous new requirements placed upon both providers and patients has necessitated a change:

Clients need to pay all of their estimated patient responsibility (deductible, co-pays, biller fee, etc.) by 36 weeks gestation. For a small fee paid in advance, our biller (Especially Births Medical Billing) will determine this estimate for you, then file your claims after the birth, and she is very experienced and successful at pursuing claims. Her fee includes an appeal if your claim is denied.

Please read the Financial Agreement and make certain that you understand the terms before signing.

Notes on Medicaid:

We are both Washington Medicaid maternity care providers, so if you have coverage under DSHS please bring your ProviderOne card to your first visit, along with ID for any other insurance that you have.

As of 2013 Lorri is also an Oregon Medicaid provider under OHP (Oregon Health Plan), but don't let that get you too excited until you check your coverage. Oregon recently tried to change how home birth claims are processed to improve access to care, only to have someone in the OHA abuse their office and block coverage for many low-risk mothers instead. At this time, it is unknown whether the OHA has corrected this problem yet or not. If you are in Oregon, you may want to get political and make some phone calls about this. Read more here.

If I end up dropping Oregon Medicaid because they fail to correct their problems, I will offer a reduced sliding fee to clients who are only insured under them.


I do accept payments, and will work out a payment schedule customized for you.

Credit Cards:

You can use your credit or debit card to make payments if you need to! Just log into the Silver Sage store, go to "Other Payments", and choose Highland Midwife. Select various amounts to add to your cart until it totals the amount of the payment that you want to make. It is secure, easy, and a printable receipt is automatically generated for you.


Some trades will be considered. We do live in a rural agricultural area; items such as firewood, hay, and produce are always welcome! Further; I will always treat gold, silver, and cash as legal tender for payment.

I reserve my absolute right to refuse to pursue collection actions against clients for whom those actions would induce financial hardship.

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