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Highland Midwife
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Lorri giving a postpartum RhoGam shot, home birth maternity care at Highland Midwife


We offer complete personalized midwifery maternity care for women throughout their childbearing years; pre-conception/fertility, prenatal, birth, postpartum, lactation, & gyn.

Not Local?
Phone Consults with Lorri
  • Nutrition
  • Lactation
  • Maternity care
  • Herbal remedies
  • Second opinions
  • VBAC questions
  • Breech questions
  • Miscarriage questions
  • Free for our maternity clients!
  • All others please use this link. Thank you!

  • Pre-conception counseling
  • Nutritional analysis and easy suggestions for healthier diet
  • Food allergy testing, and other labs
  • Annual women's health and gyn exam
  • Herbal and nutritional supplements recommended for optimal fertility health
  • Hormone monitoring for fertility
Prenatal Care
  • Complete prenatal care, at or above ACOG's OB/GYN standards
  • Most appointments are a full hour long
  • Appointments every 4 weeks to 28 weeks gestation
  • Appointments every 2 weeks from 28 weeks to 34 weeks
  • Appointments every week from 35 weeks to birth
  • Prenatal and general health labwork drawn in our office or your home
  • Non-diagnostic ultrasounds in our office or your home
  • Referrals to specialists as indicated or desired.
  • Customized birth kits available online to make your preparations easy
  • Homebirth, usually with one or two well-trained student midwives to assist
  • Waterbirth, including free birth tub rental & free delivery to your home
  • VBAC and planned Breech delivery for low-risk clients
  • We bring a complete kit of equipment & meds to insure the safety of you and your baby
  • Portable ultrasound for detecting or ruling out labor complications
  • We file your baby's birth certificate application, and Social Security if you want it.
Postpartum Care
  • Home visits up to 2 weeks for you and your newborn so you can stay home longer
  • Well-baby care; exams, PKU & Pulse O2 screens, and weight checks for first 6-8 weeks
  • Lactation consulting to facilitate breastfeeding, for as long as you need help
  • Regular visits or office appointments through your 6-8 week checkup
  • Diaphragm fittings, safe and effective non-latex wide-seal diaphragms for birth control
  • Other contraception options (with Rebekah)
  • Initial consultation visit (no out-of-pocket fee if there are no further appointments)
  • Gentle first gyn exams for teens, with explanations of all procedures
  • Women’s health gyn & physical exams, including Paps, STD tests & other labs
  • Miscarriage management that is gentle and empathetic, and tools to avoid repeat miscarriages
  • Direct telephone access to your midwife as needed
  • Nutritional analysis & diet counseling, recommendations for supplements
  • Hand-prepared herbal remedies & family-safe homeopathic remedies
  • Childbirth education during prenatal visits, or online for Home or Hospital
  • Lending library & a variety of educational materials
  • Birth services are covered for reimbursement by most insurances, but you have other options
  • Professional medical billing service is used for all insurance clients
  • Please read our Fees page, and note the limitations on what insurance will pay
  • For your convenience we accept personal checks, Square, and credit cards here.

Professional Quality Health and Maternity Care Products
• Midwifery Charts • Herbal Tinctures • Essential Oils • Colloidal Silver • Birth Kits •

maternity care charts midwife ob herbal tinctures and essential oils birth kits

This is where you will find tinctures like Fertility, Immune Boost, Miscarriage, Nausea, Pre-Gest, and Stress,
and pure essential oils like PainLess, Candida Killer VII, and Thieves 2020.

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